Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

It was another beautiful day here in the sunny south! I want to share what I sent my super wonder swap partner Geralyn for the Pink and Green swap. Of course I forgot to take pictures and Geralyn was fab with letting me snag hers. I was sooooo loving the color theme for the swap and will take pictures of my goodies tomorrow when the battery is charged.

I had to include a pink flamingo. :-)

I made the little bird, crochet flowers and felt flowers. I hope to have in my etsy shop this weekend.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Visitor

Meet our little moth friend. She is a lovely shade of green and check out those antenna. It was pretty large. Wonder where she lives? I just noticed she matches my blog lovely!

Off to finish up a few loose ends and get together a new list of things to put on ebay and etsy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And on!!

Still working on my list. Thanks for the super comments.
29. make cloud animals with Bella
30. wear pink every day for a week
31. get rid of 40 things (donate - recycle)
32. write myself a letter to read when I turn 50
33. write Bella a letter for when she turns 40
34. have another tea party
35. watch a movie from 1969
36. have a jammie sunday
37. learn to play bridge
38. learn to drive with the steering wheel on the wii
39. stop and smell the roses
40. Find a Bob Hope Rose and order it!!!!

Yeah, I did it!!! Now I better get cracking. I have a wonderful swap to share tomorrow. I didn't get pictures made today! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the list continue...

well not doing very well on my list :-) here are my new ones:
18. make an outfit to wear on my big day (hum might be hard my sewing skills are ok)
19. make a birthday jewelry ensemble - that I can do - much match my outfit!!!
20. try a new shade of eyeshadow (I am stuck in browns)
21. make a candle - have the stuff just never used it (I can burn it on my bday)
22. try a new chicktail ( i think i read that in my nesting book)
23. make a party cd of songs - one from every year
24. take a photo of what i think 40 looks like (THANKS new friend at Think Outside the box)
25. make a 40th commemorative piece of art
26. finish reading The Mermaid Chair
27. make a list of 40 things (THANKS new friend at Think Outside the box)
28. make a new blog header

and that is it..... I am wondering if I will finish the list before my birthday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Hello again friends in blogland. Well the weekend is almost over and you guessed it the rain is here. There is no sun for today - so I am off to make some. Today is officially 40 days until my birthday!!! Yeah!!!! I love birthday's! However I just don't take the day I take the month and the month before (which is now)! I decided a long time ago it was my month since my name is April and then well the birthday month thing just happened. So, I have decided to make a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40 which is in 40 days. I am only on number 18. I guess making a list is harder than I thought. I don't like pain and they must be legal and not cost (too much) since I am trying to be frugal (ohhh maybe that can be one). Here is what I have so far:
1. try a new fruit
2. paint a picture for my bathroom
3. start to re-learn french
4. learn yoga
5. have a picnic in the park
6. watch pretty in pink (for the millionth time)
7. make 40 beads
8. plant a tree
9. blog everyday
10. go to west end movies and watch a classic old movie
11. finish my bird bath (only have to grout)
12. make something everyday
13. make a Tyvek tote like Betz White (love her and them)
14. learn to knit on circular needles
15. make a card
16. learn a new word - you know one of those big long fancy ones :-)
17. find 40 bloggers who are 40
and that is it - any ideas???

We did not make it out yesterday. Bella had a major eczema flare and so we hung out here. She has been working for hours on a school project and I planted a few more seeds. If anyone has a wonder cure for eczema that would be greatly appreciated. Off to think of more things for my list. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

Hello dolls! I am so glad the weekend is here. Our little seeds are sprouting in our growing box and I went to my first ever garden club sale on Friday! Yeah - I got a Columbine, Spirea, tomato plant and a few pepper plants.

Saturday is going to be fab - I am spending it with my two favorite girls - Bella and my bff - Maria!!! We are going to the bead show that is coming to town! We have a blast when together.

Have a wonderful day pink lovers!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

It was a fabulous day in the neighborhood today. Sunny and warm! Bella and I had planted some herbs last week and the Sweet Basil is sprouting. They are tiny but very exciting. There is a local garden club planet sale on Friday. I am so excited about going. I have always wanted to stop at one. Well only 2 days to wait! While I was mucking in my studio today, I finished these little magnets.

Enjoy Thursday!

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a fab weekend. Spring break came and went. It was so nice to have Bella home. Makes me realize how much I miss her when she is in school. Only a few more weeks and we will have summer break!! I wanted to share a few photos of our egg hunt. It was a nice relaxing day.

(Nice pine needles honey - now i have to finish the border to keep them in.)
Some very easy and some a little harder. Glad they are plastic in case we forgot one.

We made paper today with the paper kit the Easter Bunny brought. Can't wait to show you tomorrow. Bird bath is ready for grouting. Will have updates on it tomorrow as well. Tootles - a

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday!

Spring Break has come and almost gone. We did not accomplish the millions of wonderful ideas I had in my head. (There is always tomorrow.) We did have a nice day out for lunch and shopping. I did have a chance to launch a website resesign for a client and launched a brand new site for another. There is still some tweaking to be done and it makes me think websites are really never done. :-) Unlike print that is finally once you hit the print button or send it to the printer. I am enjoying getting more involved it the web side of design. Hum, guess I should be posting this on my other design blog. :-)

My goal for today is make one thing and no the waffles for breakfast don't count. I'll be back later to show you what we accomplish.

There are storms in the area today, so have a safe and wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

National Champions

Hello blogland. Today is a wonderful day. Bella and I enjoyed pulling for our team last night and cheering them on to win the title. It was a great accomplishment for a great group of guys. I must say today we are very proud to be a Tar Heel!! It has turned cold again, so our garden ideas have been put on hold. We are hoping tomorrow will be warm.

Off to try and figure out how to get a blog feed on a website. It is being a bear. I will be launching my graphic/web design blog later in the week. Have a wonderful day. Tootles.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter Egg Hunting

Happy blog hopping! Here are the two eggs I made for Viv's Easter Egg Hunt! It was so much fun despite the fact when trying to finish them we had a snow storm that knocked our power out for 18 hours and then the post office took forever to get them to Viv.

and his sister is this one

Here are the lovely ones I received.

Have a wonderful day. We are off to a baby shower and then to work on the bird bath! It is a wonderful sunny day. What a great way to start off spring break.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

Yeah the weekend is here. It is a lovely sunny day and we are about to embark on an adventure. What it is we aren't sure. :-) I wanted to share the Easter Mingo and my bird bath that is in progress.

Thanks Beverly for Pink Saturday. Have a wonderful day. Tomorrow I will be sharing my eggs from the hunt at Viv's. Why does the blog look like it is missing stuff on the side bar? * Update * I think it is just loading slow!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Springy Weekend Eve!

The week is almost over and Bella has Spring Break next week. Yeah! No car lines. I think we will take the time off to organize the bonus room and studio and clean the house from top to bottom. Haha. April Fools was yesterday. Who am I kidding we are so going to do something fun. Start our garden. Finish the mosaic bird bath (would love to show you a picture but I can't find the cord). Make paper. Picnic in the park. Any ideas?