Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Last Day of June!

Wow, this month flew by. I just realized it has been a whole month since my birthday. This summer Bella and I have been playing board games. I love board games! But, I have come to the conclusion I am better at Yahtzee on the Wii than in real life. We have a new one, Mancala - it is a pretty fun 2 player game. I am addicted to Bejeweled on Facebook, but can't figure it out. And to wrap up my game summary - I stink at Farm Town on Facebook. I think there should be a beach version with shopping. That one I might could do.

I have been knocking out some crocheted baby socks. These are for a local boutique and tomorrow I will get more socks for my etsy shop. The blanket in the background is one I made when Bella was a baby. I made her a blanket every month. Oh, how I miss those days.

I am also making the jump to Art Fire. So, I better get that creative groove on. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. What are you plans for the 4th? I think we are on staycation.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

Finally, I have made something. Whoohoo!! It is small, but at least I have the creative bug back. Where ever have you been? Here is my flower pin cushion.

I thought I would jump back in with something small. One reason is my studio is a giant disaster still. I have come to the realization, I have way more stuff than I should and will be having a decluttering sale. I am thinking I will try it on my blog and then take it to ebay and etsy! Anyone had luck with either?

Also, I want to share the new award I got from my blog friend Rose! Thanks Rose! It made me smile, too!

So here are my 6 people to send it to: (Actually all the blogs I read make me smile!)
Bella, Tonya, Kathy, Christine, Jennifer and Cheryl

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sun and your family.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Pink Saturday!

Just wanted to share my pink lilies with you. They have taken over the bed and need to be divided next year. I took this right before a hail storm.. But next year when I divide them - Yeah more pink wonderfulness. Hope everyone has a wonderful pink Saturday! Don't forget to visit the other participants' blogs and Beverly to see their Pink Saturday pics. Thanks for all of you that visit Bella and leave comments. She is having a lot of fun with her blog. I have exciting things in the works..... More on Saturday...

** Update - it's funny how when I have to do the PS post I go mind blank. Maybe it is writer's block. I forgot to mention I just got a the new book Sewing Green by Betz White. Love it and can't wait to make the Mini a sunshade. Got to drink some juice pouches. Also, got the book Garden Anywhere... I am hoping it has a special section for the people who have clay for yards. Thanks to the builder who scrapped off all the topsoil and left us with a lovely Carolina clay yard. I have seen people make pretty pots out of it.

For those dog families out there, I saw where if you go to the Rachel Ray site you can get a free sample of doggie food. Free is always good and if you don't want or need it them please donate the sample to your local animal shelter or one of the wonderful organizations that fosters animals until they have a good home. I will try and get the addie to our local one that is in desperate need of help. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Blog Header

Well, I am still working on my list of 40 things! I finally finished my new blog header! I made the little chip board birds and will be putting them finally in my etsy shop this weekend. They must be photographed and I have to figure out if they should be in singles or as a family of a few.

I am thinking about putting in a backyard beach. I would so love to be ocean front 24/7 or at least only a few blocks away. I would enjoy a lovely pink beach house, pink beach cruiser bike and just to sit and make seashell trinkets all day. Oh to dream.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday & a game

Welcome June and Summer break! It seems like the month of May flew by.I am very excited that school is out - maybe I can catch up now. I have been a little slow in answering emails and getting things done that I have planned. A birthday month was great but boy did I get swept away with all the excitement.
Thanks to everyone who has visited Bella's blog - www.fuzzysnails.blogpost.com! We enjoy reading all the comments and she is having a ball with it. And thank you to everyone who visits the artchics! I have made many wonderful blog friends - some of which I so need to catch up with. One of my blog buddies - Rose tagged me in a game - so here we go

You need to follow these rules:

  1. pick 6 unimportant things you love
  2. mention & link to the person who tagged you
  3. tag 6 of your favorite bloggers to play along
    (don't forget to comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged!)
My six would have to be
1. pink flamingos
2. the smell of roses and gardinias
3. a beautiful blue sky with clouds that make animals
4. seashells
5. sitting on the beach just daydreaming while gazing at the ocean
6. sunrise on the ocean

I am tagging - Bella, Tonya, Geralyn, Jennifer, Kathy and Irma!

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!