Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween

Thank you Beverly for putting together another week of Pink Saturday. Please make sure you visit all the fabulousness over there. It looks like today might be a bit on the weak side. Not too much fun for the little trick or treat peeps!
This year my Camelia is blooming nicely. Could be that I remembered to give her some fertilizer. I have another one that has a million buds but have not opened. I was hoping to get some gardening in today, but it may only be replanting some Rose of Sharon seedlings that grew in the bed. We also have a few little maples trees we are growing from seed that are ready for Fall.We don't have any trees on our lot since our part of the neighborhood was built on the cow's side of an old farm. So, we collected these seeds on a walk around the neighborhood, planted them and this is where we are.

Have a wonderful day and don't eat too much candy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Here we are another week down and I can say another room done. This weekend I helped Bella with her room. I have to get busy with redoing her furniture or else the Christmas tree won't fit in the Living Room, so we where cleaning out. We are down to scaling back the stuffed animals. That will not be an easy task since she is so like me with feelings. How do you choose which ones to go and which ones to stay? They all have memories, but some will be making new memories with a new home.
WW wise I have started drinking more water and limiting sodas to only one a week. I have also decided with couponing it is very difficult to eat healthy. They always have coupons for less than healthy foods. So we might just be able to save with the coupons but will not be able to get all the groceries for $4 like some people can. The other side to that is, I am not going to hoard stuff like most super savers do. That would defeat my weightloss clean out! I will keep a few items, but some have rooms full of the stuff. Can they use it before it goes bad?

Happy Halloween Week. Check out Jennifer's blog for the rest of the WW peeps!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

These are my favorite pansies colors. I found these last year and hope to be so lucky again. So far all I found were orange and white. Good for Halloween but not my favorite pinks!! Last Saturday I forgot to sign up but my facebook friend Nancy featured me and I wanted to thank her again. So, if you haven't seen last Saturday please check it out. My Mingo is all ready for the holidays! And I would love glue suggestions for the cake plate I want to make!

Thanks Beverly for the fab job. Please remember to leave a comment so I know you stopped by and can visit you! I am getting closer to 100!! Yeah!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Look at this three posts in a row! Whoohoo! Today, the wonderful Jennifer is having Weightloss Wednesday. The weight I have shed this week is the piles of crud in my office. I now it is not exactly what I was going for but, hey I am so counting it! I would show you before and after picts but I am blogging remotely and left my drive at home. Next stop - studio.

Please note the random photo. Don't like to post words only. This is my clematis and has been taken by the frost. It will come back next year!

Have a creative day! I will share some of my Christmas goodies I am working on tomorrow!! Yes, it is 2 months away and a plan should be made. :-) I say that every year, how about you?

This month's goal is to post to hit 100 post by Christmas and have a give away to celebrate.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrifty Tuesday

Check out this sweet crocheted hotpad I found the other day when Bella and I went junkin'. We were looking for a cabinet card for the Altered Cabinet Card Holiday Swap. Why is it when you need something you can't find it, but the minute you don't need it they are everywhere. I found one! Wow, not much decision to be made there. :-)
So what are you working on this week? Guess next week I should start thinking Christmas - it will only be 2 months away. Oh and Bella said ok to the all pink Christmas. We will see if we can get it together by then. Ohhhh, maybe a pink tree?!!!!??? Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Five Years Later

This is my dog Chanel. (Bella decided she needed to dress up for the picture that day.) She was our first dog. She joined Los and I on our 2nd anniversary and we had the pleasure of being loved by her for 11 years! She was a wonderful dog and the best friend. She ate a few of Carlos' shirts (he left gum in the pocket), chewed a few of my shoes, ate Bella's crayons, loved perfume, sat in a chair like a person, could say hohoho and was there for me always!

She got lung cancer and pasted very quickly five years ago. She is loved everyday, missed everyday and will be thought of everyday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hello pink lovers. Who can believe it is the middle of October? Wow, really? Time to start thinking about the holidays. Holy Pink Flamingo Batman! I started decorating the outside a little then we had constant (just about) rain. So, I decided to move to the inside. That is Mingo the Flamingo all ready for the trick or treat night.
This year I will try and talk Bella into an all pink Christmas. It is a hard sale to the child. :-) Here is another find when I went junkin' with my friend Brig. I want to glue the glass (whatever it is) on the bottom of the plate and make a cake stand. I just have to figure out the right glue. Any suggestions? Oh and the purse from last week has a tag inside that says Handmade in Hong Kong.
Thanks to Beverly for all her hard work. Today I am featured on Nancy's blog (in case you did not come from there)! Love her blog!!! So, thanks Nancy for showing me off. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Here is the fabulous beaded purse I found when junkin'!!! Love how cute it is. Check out the detail! I hope you are having a wonderful PINK SATURDAY! Thank you Beverly! I would love for you to leave a comment!!!! Please visit all the other ladies! Enjoy the pinkness!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pretty Petals

Surprise!! I did not wait a week to blog! This is my lovely violet that is blooming again! Yeah! I wanted to show you what I have been working on this week, but the wonderful camera battery needs charging! Why does that always happen? Now I will loose the light and tomorrow it will probably rain.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Rocks

Here it is Wednesday again! It seems like time is just flying by. We started decorating for the holidays and got some new pansies for the pots. I can't wait until they bloom and I can get some shots of them.

Weightloss Wednesday is not making any progress. I am going to try another recipe from the Hungry Girl's Cookbook! Love those books and the recipes are pretty easy. However, this week I am happy to say I am gathering some stuff to put in a yard sale on Saturday. So, in a way that is loosing weight in the house and making space. The is a lot of space that needs to be made and we don't use the stuff anymore.

Hope your week is going great! Visit Jennifer and see how all the others are doing.