Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

Here it is... my very own made beach glass. I love it! Only trouble my brand new tumbler belt broke after 3 days of tumbling. So, I went and got a new belt. Guess what?! You got it, it broke after 12 hours. Trip back to the store with box and everything will be happening this week.

Garden update ~ I made the square frame for my garden. Off to Home Depot to figure out how much soil I need. We have clay, so hubby thinks I need to dig out some since the plants would only have 3 inches to root in. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so at least I would not need a jack hammer. I am excited to be going to the plant sale this weekend at the Botanical Garden. Yeah. Maybe it will help with some ideas as well.

Hope your week has started off wonderful. Going to set my weekly goals and make the most of it!


Fuzzy Snails said...

how are we going to keep Myrtle out of the garden? (:

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Did I hear someone is having a birthday?? Happy day!