Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Come on Down

Normally we don't get snow where we live, so it has been quite odd to drive around and see it for the last two days. It is lovely but, I am so looking forward to the weekend - 75 degrees!! More my kind of weather. I am hoping my sinus crud will be on the way out. It is time to start planning all of the things I would love to accomplish in the yard, studio, etc. For tonight, I will try and accomplish a nice to do list. Here is a photo from the old blog. I've met some new blog friends - who never saw my typepad blog. This is my favorite photo of hummer or hummingbird friend. I can't wait to see them again - I must put some hummingbird food on my list. Oh maybe I can learn to make it since I am trying very hard to be more frugal.

The pink flower from the other post is - sedum - it is from the Martha Stewart Collection at Kmart. It was one of the first plants I got when we moved in almost 8 years ago. I broke a piece off (by accident) that had some roots. Well I put it in water and let the roots get longer and planted it in the side year.
Happy Hump Day. Hugs. A


roseylittlethings said...

I can not wait for the nice weather this weekend! I am so tired of being cold!

Anonymous said...

wow you got a photo of a hummingbird, you must have been fast! :)

I' m def looking forward to the warmer weather, too!

:) Diana