Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunny, chilly & a studio mess

The sun is a beautiful sunny day, however a bit chilly. I have been inspired to clean out my istudio! I love warm weather and being able to open the windows! Well, I must say right now I can't even get to the window to open them. The floor is not even showing in many places. How and why do I have so much stuff? I think it is time to tackle it. So starting today one section at a time, it will be conquered. The desk pictures I showed the last month are only the beginning. Any one else out there ready to take on the studio clean up? I will be having a give-away this week in honor of my 100th post. Trouble is I have to clean up my desk to make my surprise. Here is where I am going. Wish me luck! If you don't hear from me send the search party to look for me. Make sure they have their pink hard hats on!


Geralyn Gray said...

Exactly what I was doing this time last will be worth it when it is all done!

Nancy said...

I'm with you, April. Most of our downstairs (reverse of most houses) looks just like this as I tackle all unnecessary things in our main living areas. I do have my craft room pretty cleaned out, but am stumped on the decor. (We are going to show the house soon, so I have to make it ready.)

BTW, starting March 30th, eBay is allowing 100 - 99 cent items to be listed for free each month. It might be good marketing AND be a way to get rid of things.

Kelly said...

Oh good luck!!!
I satarted tackling my wardrobe today! Bedroom looking very simmilar to your studio i would expect!!!

The Homesteading Apartment said...

April! You did it! You posted your studio too...I'm so proud. Can't wait to see your progress (by the way, love the pink walls)Maybe we can encourage each other along the way (: