Saturday, October 23, 2010

Five Years Later

This is my dog Chanel. (Bella decided she needed to dress up for the picture that day.) She was our first dog. She joined Los and I on our 2nd anniversary and we had the pleasure of being loved by her for 11 years! She was a wonderful dog and the best friend. She ate a few of Carlos' shirts (he left gum in the pocket), chewed a few of my shoes, ate Bella's crayons, loved perfume, sat in a chair like a person, could say hohoho and was there for me always!

She got lung cancer and pasted very quickly five years ago. She is loved everyday, missed everyday and will be thought of everyday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday and cherish every moment of the day. Stop by Beverly's and say hi!


Holly said...

What would we do without our dogs?! I love the names of Bella and Chanel - they must've been very elegant dogs.
I"m looking forward to visiting your etsy shop.

Marydon said...

Love the picture, you love your memories ...
Have a wonderful PS week ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

LV said...

I have been through the loss of a dog. When we lost the last one, that was it. You feel as though they are your children and the pain is too much. Sorry about your fellow.

Donnie said...

That can be so painful to lose a beloved pet. that was a lovely tribute to her. My granddog Jake was diagnosed with bone cancer his first year and was given 3 months- thankfully 10 years later he is still with us. He has only 3 legs and falls over when he lifts his leg but he is a sweetie and we were blessed. Such a sweet Pink Saturday picture. Have a blessed weekend.

Nancy said...

Hi April! They are just the best, aren't they, those little buddies?

I'm still visiting around PS posts. Have a wonderful week!