Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween Eve!

Well somehow October has totally flown by. What the banana? I had started with Bella's costume early - got the pattern and fabric and well now here it is and how am I going to crank it out? I hope it will turn out ok since I have self taught basic sewing skills. I really should learn not to mention clean out my studio so I can get in there.

My pink is some of the flowers in one of our beds. They remind me of some earbobs my Grandmother used to wear. You know the clip kind that would squeeze your ear. Loved dressing  up in those when I went to visit. I would layer all her beads on and walk around her house with them. Guess it that is why I always must accessorize.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday. I hope to visit blogs this week. Missed last week due to being out of town. Enjoy all the pinkness over at Beverly's.


Gossamer Creations said...

Such pretty flowers. Happy Halloween.

Jean said...

Love the pink bobs. Too cute. Hope you are having a great PS.

Nancy said...

Boy, October has flown by quickly! We will have some unpacking done in California by the next one, Thanksgiving. Halloween is in a hotel for us so I'm looking forward to that. Hope your costume sewing is going well. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!

Donnie said...

Loved your Pink Saturday post. My grandmother had similar earrings too and I remember how hard they pinched. Funniest thing was when my brother would wear't tell him I wrote this on the

Rebecca said...

Love the story about going to grandma's house and putting on the jewerly~

Anonymous said...

October... you mean it's over already? I know right, I blinked and it's gone and now i'm thinking about thanksgiving dinner. A favorite in this house. Thanks for having me and your dog is adorable. Stop by my place for a chance to win my GIVEAWAY. I'd love to have you. Hugs. Tammy