Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the list continue...

well not doing very well on my list :-) here are my new ones:
18. make an outfit to wear on my big day (hum might be hard my sewing skills are ok)
19. make a birthday jewelry ensemble - that I can do - much match my outfit!!!
20. try a new shade of eyeshadow (I am stuck in browns)
21. make a candle - have the stuff just never used it (I can burn it on my bday)
22. try a new chicktail ( i think i read that in my nesting book)
23. make a party cd of songs - one from every year
24. take a photo of what i think 40 looks like (THANKS new friend at Think Outside the box)
25. make a 40th commemorative piece of art
26. finish reading The Mermaid Chair
27. make a list of 40 things (THANKS new friend at Think Outside the box)
28. make a new blog header

and that is it..... I am wondering if I will finish the list before my birthday.


roseylittlethings said...

very cool list!

From Nancys Heart said...

I'm Nancy and I read your comment from Rachel at Thinkoutsidethebox!
I just wanted to stop by and wish you well on the 40 list. You have some great things already listed.

I especially like the party CD! If you need any songs, let me know, I probably have them! Big fan of the Party CD's. I could burn you a cd with the songs as a B-day gift.

Well, just wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh, and I should say, Love your items!
All my best,

Le Core Femme said...

Great list there girlie!
I know you can do it!
So how many do you have done now?