Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

What a busy weekend. My sweet little one turned 11 on Saturday! We celebrated with cup cakes, finding out her snail in the fish tank had a baby and then the Birthday Girl lost a tooth. Bella starts Middle School a week from today so we have been busy gathering the rest of the school supplies, starting the mountain of laundry and going through our stuff for an upcoming yard sale.

I listed some books I have on half.com - username - artzychic. I am making the jump to Art Fire and will be listing a few things on Esty. Hope all is going well. I will have pictures to add as soon as the camera battery charges.

I can't wait to show you the watermelons we have in our little patch in the back yard. We started them from seed and are very proud of how they are doing. One would have probably been very big but Zuzu decided to take it as a play toy. Hum. Next years garden is already being thought out with a nice fence around it.

Stay cool. It is another scorcher here in the South.

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Anonymous said...

Hi April,

Another busy weekend for you!

I hope artfire goes ok - let me know, I am yet to venture that way and would be interested in seeing how it goes!

Looking forward to seeing your watermelons!

Rose XXX