Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Weekend

We made it through the first week of middle school. I still can't believe my sweet little one is in 6th grade. Where did the time go?

We have 2 baby snails in the fish tank. Soon we will have to get a bigger tank. All the hermit crabs are doing great.

Our watermelons are about 2 weeks out from being ready. We have about 20 so far. We are looking into pumpkins today. Not sure if we plant them now if they would be ready for Halloween.

I sold two books on Not bad. There are a few more listed and as soon as I get in my studio to clean there will be more.

Hubbie is playing golf today, so it is a girls day!! Wonder what we will do.

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Anonymous said...

Hi April,

Hoping you have a fab weekend :-)

Rose XXX