Monday, October 19, 2009

Five Years Later

This is my dog Chanel. (Bella decided she needed to dress up for the picture that day.) She was our first dog. She joined Los and I on our 2nd anniversary and we had the pleasure of being loved by her for 11 years! She was a wonderful dog and the best friend. She ate a few of Carlos' shirts (he left gum in the pocket), chewed a few of my shoes, ate Bella's crayons, loved perfume, sat in a chair like a person, could say hohoho and was there for me always!

She got lung cancer and pasted very quickly five years ago. She is loved everyday, missed everyday and will be thought of everyday!


Kathy said...

Oh April, she was the cutest thing ever! XOXOXO!

Jenny said...

:( This makes me wanna cry! I miss our Z-dog EVERYDAY too!