Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Look at this three posts in a row! Whoohoo! Today, the wonderful Jennifer is having Weightloss Wednesday. The weight I have shed this week is the piles of crud in my office. I now it is not exactly what I was going for but, hey I am so counting it! I would show you before and after picts but I am blogging remotely and left my drive at home. Next stop - studio.

Please note the random photo. Don't like to post words only. This is my clematis and has been taken by the frost. It will come back next year!

Have a creative day! I will share some of my Christmas goodies I am working on tomorrow!! Yes, it is 2 months away and a plan should be made. :-) I say that every year, how about you?

This month's goal is to post to hit 100 post by Christmas and have a give away to celebrate.


Kate said...

Hi there
2 months will go by sooo quickly, I'm sure time goes quicker at this time of the year, I try every year to be more organized but I'm still trying.
Have a great day

Jason and Brianne Kjar said...

I love that you are counting the organizing as weight loss I always feel lighter after I have organized my house and gotten rid of useless stuff. Good luck on your Christmas plans.

Suzie Button said...

You're right, you can't clear up your life until you unclutter! Good anaology to weight Loss!! Suzie

Florence and Mary said...

Clearing out clutter is still good for the well being and will help weight loss I'm sure of it!!

Victoria xx