Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday Everyone!

The month is flying by! Time to kick it in high gear. I have 2 more tiles to add to Art Fire. We are busy with the house holidayifaction and finishing up the annual Christmas card. Hubby thinks I should not take the easy predesigned route and so he hired me to do the cards. Wonder how much the pay is? I probably should have got a deposit up front. Teehee.

It has turned drastically cold here. Well below 60 is cold to me. It will only be 37. Wow, that is cold for me. Glad I have a lot of things to do inside today. The Children's Party is at the Museum tomorrow and I have to finish up all the felt trees we will be making. It is a cute and easy idea to do with tons of kids in varing ages. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Have a creative day and Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

hi april, wow you are busy! I keep thinking i should do all my own christmas cards... It never seems to work out though! Lol

Hope the weekend goes well :)
Rose xxx