Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Normal

Our holiday vacation is finally over. :-( I enjoy having someone here with me every day other than the furries. All though they are loveable, I have not been able to get the to carry on a conversation.

Eat In Month Challenge is going to be very difficult. Forgot we had to run out today and where behind in meals so Bella had to have take out. Hubby doesn't like carrying his lunch to work, so the only one still in is me. Which is what I figured. It is a great challenge, but may prove to be impossible. I will be happy with just a drastic cut down in dining out. Tuesday night we are having the Apron Meal Idea from Publix. Never go on Monday when you are hungry. :-) Bella has decided it looked good and she is willing to try it. I hope to have that and something pretty to share with you!

Happy Day 4 of 2010.


Kelly said...

At least the family tried! ha ha keep on trying, I'm curious now to see if I could do it! I think, In England we have less of an eating out culture but it would still be hard. Erm you may have talked me into giving it a go!
I'd be pleased if you were to pop over to my blog to join in with my giveaway!

Diana said...

If I can do it, you can too!! :) Stock up your pantry and have easy snacks ready to go. Here are some tips:

:) Diana