Friday, January 22, 2010

New items in shop

This is a new item listed in the arthcics shops.  The photo is one of my roses. The photo is a professionally printed 4x6 print. Stay tuned for more new goodies to come. Four more post until my 100 Blog Post Anniversary. Oh what shall I do?

Eat In Month update * Failed horribly* It did make me realize I don't like cooking. I don't have a well stocked pantry. I am not the best at planning meals or remembering to take snacks with us when we go out. I did very good for one week. Maybe I can work my way up to a month. :-)


Pattie said...

Oh yay for new items in the shop!!

I love this photo :)

And, as for eating in I do it all the's really easy when you don't have any money lol

Diana said...

you can definitely work up to one month! you can do it! :)