Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome New Year!

This year started with a challenge from my blog friend Diana. So far day 1 was a check! Here was the brunch I fixed myself and hubby - little artchic prefers scrambled eggs.

We have a lot of eggs I forgot about in the garage fridge so I made this tasty little omelet. Last Christmas Walgreen's had a great deal on little kitchen appliances. So I grabbed this omelet maker, not wanting to spend a lot on it in case I did not like it. Well, I must say it makes a pretty good little omelet and when it no longer works will be replaced with a nicer one. (This one was only $5.)

I started my list and decided I probably will continue to add to it. It has the basics: eat healthier, save money, get more exercise and so forth. I will share the rest as I go along. I am still trying very hard to kick the crud. I do not like being under the weather!

So now I am off to slowly de-holiday-ize the house. Next stop the fireplaces. It may take me all week, since I am trying not to over do. That and I start making some flowers I want to finish. :-) Happy Day 2 of 2010!


Kelly said...

Omlette looks yummy!
Well done on your first 'eat in' day!!!

Diana said...

Looks wonderful! Congrats on a successful Day 1 of Eat in Month!! :) Diana

Lindsay {Designer Wife} said...

Looks pretty yummy! I'm in on the Eat In Challenge too - yay! :) Good luck with it this month!